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Ancd Biomed

Healthcare - next generation of catheters


Software - Shapr boosts startups' growth

Ancd Biomed

Healthcare - delivering therapies for hearing


SaaS - CRM automation for sales teams

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Responsible Future
Niche AI
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AVATAR MEDICAL™ creates patient avatars to help surgeons visualize medical images.


Pandobac helps you make the transition from disposable to reusable packaging.


Askel created COPLA®, a medical device for cartilage repair.


Metyos sells a biosensor tracking real-time dynamic data.


Vintega sells online pre-owned luxury


EverReady instantly updates your CRM all your contacts and sales activities

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A team composed of the founder of seed fund Pi2, along with the co-founder of a leading financial advising firm Impulse Corporate Finance.

Fred Picq, Partner

Fred has been Head Trader for over 10 years in NYC and Geneva at Ziff Brothers Investments, one of the world's biggest Family Offices. He then founded venture capital fund Pi2 driven by his passion for technology and entrepreneurship. He is visionary, agile and creative.

Clovis Tuffier, Partner

Clovis co-founded M&A firm Impulse CF where he has been focusing on technology transactions for high-growth businesses. He is adept at leadership,  and has a forward-looking approach,with a keen understanding of market trends and the dynamic landscape of the Venture Capital ecosystem.

Andrea Baridon, Associate

As a valuable member of CENITZ, Andrea finds resonance in the club deal's entrepreneurial spirit, purposeful focus, and commitment to fostering innovation. By leveraging his strategic acumen, he brings a unique perspective when evaluating new investment opportunities.

If they say no, it's no.

Meet our insiders, who
curate every deal

Charles Tétard

Managing Partner and cofounder of Impulse CF, completed more than 40 transactions

Olivier Edwards

Senior Counsel & Laywer, Orrick, member of Technology Companies Group, co-founder European Bureau of SV

Richard Tuffier

President, Buy for Good, ex MD ODDO BHF, Business Angel

Niels Court-Payen

President & Co-founder, A Plus Finance (managing $1bn+), ex PAI – Paribas Affaires Industrielles

Hervé Digne

Co-founder Post Advisors, CEO Postmedia Finance, President Manifesto, ENA & Sciences Po

Bernard Grouchko

Founder GL trade (exit 2008), ex-mayor of Le Vesinet, founder Green Recovery

Robert Picarel

Founder, Velvet Consulting (exit 2020), Co-founder Pi2, private equity investor

Clément Jeanjean

Founder Scentys, COO Cryptosense, Co-founder DraftQuest & Ascent Consult

Pierre Besson

Founder, Alpha Partners,
Partner at M&A firm Impulse CF, ex Eight Advisory & Meeschaert

Laurent Ferté

Partner & CEO at Adhesion & Associés(exited 1998), experienced private equity investor

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Our Stories

Impact & Healthcare: It Is Not What You Think!
April 11, 2024
In Healthcare, there are many different ways to impact investing. Not the same goals, not the same reasons, not the same ambitions. The potential for positive change is infinite, let's delve into these ways.
Democracy at Risk: The Rising Threat of Tech Giants
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In an era where technology dictates pace, the GAFAM giants — Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft — & company are becoming the game itself. Are they edging out the role of nation-states?
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Alors qu’une grande part de la valeur créée par l’écosystème provient des fondateurs de startups, ceux-ci sont souvent lésés lors des multiples tours de financement qui adviennent.
Pourquoi investir dans les Medtech ?
May 1, 2021
Le secteur de la Medtech (ou technologie médicale) se compose de 2 secteurs principaux: les appareils médicaux et les diagnostics. Les appareils médicaux (seringue, cathéther, implant…) constituent la catégorie historiquement la plus importante (>90%).
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